A tribute to all those who have given 

A tribute to all those who have given

Today let’s pay tribute to all those who have given
Their time, their hearts, their effort, their life
To bring us what we have today.

Behind every event, great and small
There are people giving, slogging, and sacrificing.

Sometimes we look at those at the top
And forget to see all those supporting them at the bottom.

Sometimes we notice people working at the front
And fail to see people striving in the background.

We see successes and well run events
But not often do we see
Lessons learnt and weaknesses overcome
Even in far from perfect projects…

Every contribution big and small,
Every helping hand strong and weak,
Every willingly giving heart,
Every voice, heard and unheard,
Every face, seen and unseen,
Every single person, named and unnamed…

All contribute to what we have today,
And will bring us what we want to achieve in future.

Today let us pay tribute to all those who have given.
Let us rejoice in their selfless giving.
And may we too take them as our exemplars
And give of ourselves.

And like a candle, which burns itself to give others light
Let us give of ourselves to bring others joy.

And like a candle, which can pass on the flame
Without extinguishing itself,
Let us give of ourselves to benefit others
Knowing full well that we too will learn and grow…
Only brighter and better
From our giving.

Let us close our eyes now,
Fill our hearts with gratitude,
And imbue our intention with the determination to serve.

Let us now say
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
In unison and aloud…
Sealing now our gratitude and our aspiration.

*Presented at National University of Singapore Buddhist Society Day 2002
29th Jan 2002

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