Nobody has victimised me 

Nobody has victimised me

"All mental phenomena are preceded by mind, Mind is their master, they are produced by mind. If somebody speaks or acts With a corrupted mind, Hence suffering follows him, Like the wheel follows the foot of the bearing animal."
Dhammapada Verse 1

Glancing at this verse again, the analogy of the wheel started in motion by the movement of the animal pulling the cart struck me. Our actions (preceded by mind) is connected directly to the results, just like the beast of burden pulling the cart. If the beast moves, the cart moves. And that cart is our situations or things, events that happen to us in life afterwards. There is no escape and no other way until we master the beast in front - our mind.

The story behind this verse talks about an Arahant, Maha Pala, who became blind at the same time that he was enlightened. People were surprised on how it could happen that way. The Buddha explained that in Maha Pala's past life, he had been a doctor who had blinded somebody in revenge, so even as an Arahant, he had to be blind to suffer that result - the wheel that had already been set in motion by his own unwholesome intentions.

Reflecting on this, I laughed when I recall all the comparatively minute and insignificant occasions when I felt that I have been victimised, wrongly accused or blamed or had not achieved good results for what I thought were good actions.

Since I have not mastered a non-corrupted mind, so naturally all speech and action that I do will come with suffering. Undeniably, if I try hard to check myself, all speech and action originating from me would be at fault even if only to 0.01% (in the most honest respect of the truth) because it DOES come with different degrees of greed, hatred and delusion.

So who can I blame when I get blamed?

I have to get it clear. I set my own wheel into motion.

So I have to face up and deal with my own muddy mess of walking into the puddle when it happens.

And accept that hey, walking in the mud is NORMAL for all unenlightened beings.

So may i continue to strive hard on taming the stubborn beast in front (the mind) and stop pushing the blame to other people around for throwing mud in my path.

Strive on! (i'm talking to myself) =P

WIth lots of metta..

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