d little drops of Dhamma 

d little drops of Dhamma

Dedicated to Bro Tan & all the facilitators, teachers and beautiful children at Nalanda Dharma School:

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was very naughty. But when he stepped into Buddhist Sunday School, the little drops of Dhamma seeped into his heart, nourishing his seeds of goodness. He couldn't say it, but how he had yearned to be good!

But it was hard to be good when everyone around tried to be rebellious, clever and strong, sometimes to the extent of harming others. So it was easier for him to be naughty, for him to be in the crowd.

Then he learned that what gave him happiness now could also give him suffering. One cup of ice-cream was bliss, but ten tubs would be yucky hell.

He learned that if he treated his parents kindly, with respect and humility, they would also love him more.

He learned not to judge his friends, or to call them names or look only at their bad points because that would be very mean. And he also has been treated the same way, which wasn't nice at all.

He learned that he wasn't perfect, but that's ok, because the Buddha started that way too! But if he kept polishing his mind and behaviour everyday, one day it would be shining bright.

He learned that if he couldn't be with good and wise friends, it was better to be on his own.

He enjoyed being good, being helpful, being respectful to his elders.
He enjoyed doing good service, being a good and caring friend, and listening to the Dhamma.
He appreciated his teachers, his fellow brothers and sisters and all those who nourished his heart richly with the Dhamma.

He fell in love with the Dhamma,
he fell in love with his virtues.

He learned that it is ok to fail, it is ok if others did not understand us or misunderstand us sometimes. Because as long as he knows himself, with patience, he can show by his behaviour that he is changed. That is most important, to use the Dhamma mirror on himself.

When he realised that he had learned all these,
the little drops of joy
dropped quietly from the corner of his eyes.

"Dad, mum,
Sorry for all that I had done in the past, for all the heartache and troubles I gave you,
Thank you for taking care of me and teaching and guiding me.

I will be a good boy now,
I will grow stronger with the Dhamma,
I will plant good seeds everyday.
I will send love to all my teachers,
I will forgive all those who did me wrong.

Please help me and be patient with me as I try my best to be good.

Thank you, Lord Buddha, the fully enlightened One, Light of the World, Teacher of Gods and Men.

Nathi me saranam annam,
Dhammo me saranam varam!

No other refuge do I seek,
The Dhamma is my true refuge!"

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